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Ownership of the Mountain
Turnpike and Incline Wars
The Road Up the Mountain
The Yellow Fever Epidemic
The Point
First Commercial Attraction
The First Incline
 Hotel off the Side of the Mtn.


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Small Train on the Mtn.
Train Up the Mountain

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Other Resort Hotels
Incline #2
Most Pop. Attraction 1880-1930
The Birth of Miniature Golf
Rock City
Ruby Falls
Chick. Chattanooga Nat. Park
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his site discusses the history of Chattanooga and Lookout Mountain (after the Civil War). This includes the people and events that shaped this area's history, the early ownership of Lookout Mtn., and the struggle for control of the early roads and railroads up the mountain. It also includes the history of the area's early attractions and today's attractions, and much more.

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The sources used in developing this site are listed below. If sources differ as to events or facts, we used what we considered the most reliable or we gave ranges or options for the events or facts.  

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Book Sources

Scenic, Historic Lookout Mountain by John Wilson

Images of America Chattanooga by Jerry R. Desmond

Lookout: The Story of a Mountain by Robert S. Walker


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Chattanooga & Lookout Mtn. - guided hiking adventures and walking tours - other outdoor activities - pictures - trail map - description of the hiking trails on Lookout Mtn.


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Pre-Civil War History - discusses The Indians, Early Settlers, The Trail of Tears, the Indian Wars, and more.







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